About us

Sanavita Company is formally registered as Limited company under Tanzania companies Act of 2002 in March 2019, with the goal to address malnutrition in Tanzania through agribusiness engagements and involving small holder farmers. This is done through production of nutritious product development from agricultural produce, awareness campaigns, nutrition education and promoting production, processing as well as value addition of Orange fleshed sweet potatoes, Pro Vitamin A Maize and High Iron and Zinc beans.


To offer high quality products and services from a distinctive investment.


Be a leading company in health and nutrition globally; through education and development of nutritious products.

Nutrition Situation

Tanzania is suffering from high rate of malnutrition (stunting 32%) where by micronutrient deficiency which causes death of children and women is a major challenge. Sanavita is dedicated in bio-fortified crops with Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron to reduce Vitamin A deficiency and Anemia among children and women; (Iron deficiency is 58% for Children under the age of 5; and 45% for women aged 15 – 49 years; moreover; Vitamin A deficiency for Children aged 6 – 59 months is 33%).

Sanavita Solution to address malnutrition focusing on Vitamin A and Iron deficiency

Sanavita’s approach in dealing with malnutrition is affordable, cost-effective and sustainable; by mobilizing smallholder farmers in production and processing these crops to reach town and mid-town. Thus, Sanavita enhance sustainability, affordability and accessibility; at the same time supporting women to come out of poverty and improve the livelihood of the rural community through their engagement in agriculture; particularly staple crops that are nutritious; as Sanavita guarantees ready market for suppliers.
We are creating awareness in clinics, on social media, local media to reach out all the people both in town and rural area. This is done in collaboration with district health department and Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre. Also, village governments are the organizers of the meeting and trainings.


Beta Carotene 30-100ppm

Beta-Carotene 8- 15ppm

Iron 75.17 – 85.35ppm

Pure OFSP Flour

Sanavita Biscuits

OFSP + Sorghum + Soya

OFSP + Rice +Pumpkin Seeds

PVA Maize + Cassava